The Wildside Journey: Crafting the Original Freeze-Dried Salmon Treat

Our Journey at Wildside Pet Products: From Alaskan Waters to Local Doorsteps

In the heart of Alaska, where rivers run wild and salmon dance with nature's rhythm, Wildside Pet Products took root. With a family history in the wholesale fishing industry, we were no stranger to the ebb and flow of Alaskan waters. Beyond the bustling fish markets, we cherished a dream: to bring the pure, untouched goodness of Alaskan salmon to pets everywhere.

Since our beginning, we've been fiercely committed to the health and happiness of pets. Discovering the additives and fillers in many pet foods only fueled our passion. We believe our furry friends deserve nothing but the best — simple, pure, and wholesome. Wildside Salmon is our promise to you, crafted with care to be as natural as the wild itself.

With determination in our hearts and our trusty van loaded, we began delivering our salmon treats to local pet stores. Every delivery was more than a transaction; it was a connection. Sharing stories with store owners and seeing pets wag and purr for Wildside are the moments that pulse through our brand.

Our journey continues, supported by the incredible local businesses that believed in our vision from the start. And as we venture forth to connect directly with our cherished customers — furry or otherwise — know that every purchase supports a small American business and delights pets globally, one Wildside treat at a time.