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Wildside Salmon Cat Treats - Made in the USA

Wildside Salmon Cat Treats - Made in the USA

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1. Made from High-Quality, Wild-Caught Salmon: Wildside Salmon Treats Are Always Made from Wild-Caught, Never Farm Raised, Alaskan Salmon, Making it a High-Quality Lean Protein Source for Your Furry Family Members.

2. Made in the USA: From the Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon to our local Freeze-drying partner in the Pacific NorthWest, WildSideSalmon Pet Treats are proud to be made in the USA start to finish!

3. Wild and sustainably sourced: Wild-caught salmon is pesticide-free, uncontaminated, and not confined to disease-prone spaces. They produce minimal waste and pose no nutrient pollution risks. Overall, choosing wild-caught salmon, especially from the sustainable fisheries of Alaska, is best for the planet!

4. All-Natural Single Ingredient (100% Wild Salmon): Our Treats do not Contain Any Artificial Preservatives, Colors, or Flavors, Making them the Natural Choice for Conscious Owners Looking for Healthy, Natural Treats for their Dogs or Cats!

5. Grain-free: These Treats are Grain-Free, Making them Suitable for Dogs or Cats Who May Have Grain Sensitivities or Other Food Allergies.

6. High in Omega-3 fatty acids: Salmon is a Rich Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are Essential for Creating and Maintaining Your Pet's Coat and Skin.

7. Suitable for all life stages:  Due to all Reasons Listed Above, WildSideSalmon Treats are Suitable for Cats and Dogs of all Life Stages!

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